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Mike Shinoda’s Birthday :B

Happy birthday, Mike!!! 😀 We are Maria and Aroha, and we want you to know you’re the best person of this world and we love you very much. For the day we know about all your work, we found it very awesome (we highly love your rap, it’s the best rap we have listened in our life) and we realized that you have a big  and pure heart. We hope that you come here, to Spain, with Linkin Park very soon. We are excited about going to a concert and see you and the rest of the band. We always are going to support you. Keep being so wonderful as you are, We wish you’re having a good day and sincerely , from our heart, we wish you the best. We send you a lot of hugs and kisses!

Here’s from us a little present for you. We hope you like it! :3

IMG_20140211_151425 IMG_20140211_152147

Happy birthday!!!   pusheen